Top 5 Most Earthquake-Prone Cities in the World

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Major earthquakes can claim thousands—sometimes tens, or in the case of Haiti in 2010, hundreds of thousands—of lives. As deadly as big trembles can be, their seriousness is magnified when they strike densely populated, urban areas. Surprisingly, we humans keep building and rebuilding major cities in areas that are particularly vulnerable to seismic disasters. If you live in one of these cities, you had better know what to do when an earthquake rocks your hometown.
Top 5 Most Earthquake-Prone Cities in the World

2Istanbul, Turkey

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Throughout its history, Turkey has experienced earthquakes that have killed thousands. Istanbul, the country's capital city, is a population center of more than 10 million. Located where the Eurasian and African tectonic plates meet, Istanbul is no stranger to seismic events. In the event of a major quake, the probability that an individual living in the city would be killed is below one percent—less than that of many other cities. However, the overall death toll from a major quake in Istanbul would likely top 50,000.

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