Top 5 Most Disturbing Instances of Media Hysteria

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In the age of 24-hour news cycles, mass media has developed the habit of focusing on an event and covering every aspect of it nonstop. Both everyday circumstances and actual threats get blown out of proportion, often with little distinction between the two. The most disturbing instances had you stockpiling Tamiflu, buying new mattresses and refusing to open your mail. Meanwhile, the media found something else to whip itself into a frenzy about.
Top 5 Most Disturbing Instances of Media Hysteria

4Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

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We've been living with bed bugs for hundreds of years, and no one's suffered any ill effects. The numerous studies on the parasites have yet to reveal a shred of evidence that they carry diseases or otherwise infect you with anything other than a little red mark where they bit you. No evidence that something is harmful doesn't stop the media from launching an all-out war on it, however, and in 2011 major news organizations were hysterical over the apparently out-of-control bed bug infestation. It doesn't matter if they don't actually harm you—people think bugs are gross. Especially bugs that bite you, and most especially bugs that feast on your flesh while you're sleeping. At least pest control companies didn't have to worry about the recession.

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