The Top 5 News Stories You Might Be Hearing a Lot About Soon

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It is sometimes easy to pinpoint when a giant story began: major news stories can commence with something dramatic like an assassination or an earthquake, or they can be touched off by something heartening like a birth or a life-saving medical breakthrough. On the other hand, some of the biggest news stories take time to grow and develop. We might not notice a small outbreak of disease in a rural community until it has spread to nearby cities just the same as we might not pay much attention to a junior senator from Illinois until he makes a major speech and finds himself on a track aimed at the White House. These five “stories” may fizzle into nothing, or they might grab front page headlines.
The Top 5 News Stories You Might Be Hearing a Lot About Soon

2The Engine of Progress

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Step aside lithium ion technology, you’ve had your handful of years in the sun. The future of power, as it were, might not be from better battery technology, but from engines so small and efficient they occupy no more space than today’s batteries and actually generate their own power! If a group of MIT scientists is on the right track, within a few years your portable electronic devices could be run on micro gas powered turbine engines!

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